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Backover Accident Claims the Life of West Virginia Toddler

The Los Angeles Times recently reported on a horrific accident, which took the life of three-year old Braxton Conley of Cottageville. The accident occurred on Thursday evening, October 12, as visitors to the family’s home were leaving and people thought the boy was indoors watching television. A driver, backing out of the driveway, ran over the child, killing him.

Such an incomprehensible tragedy is, unfortunately, not uncommon. According to the website kidsandcars.org, backovers kill more than 200 children and seriously injury about 13,000 every year. These accidents typically occur as a driver is backing out of a driveway or parking space and does not see the child. In about 70 percent of the accidents, the driver is a parent or close relative of the child.

Here are a few tips to prevent backovers when you drive:

  • Kids will follow you — If you are leaving, chances are your child will want to tag along. If you leave briskly, you may not notice the child has followed you to the car. After the car door slams shut, the child could wind up anywhere, including behind the car, possibly thinking that will prevent you from leaving.
  • Sweep your blind zone — There is an area behind your car you cannot see even when you are turned around facing the rear. Small children are below your line of sight, completely hidden. Inspect your blind zone, and do a complete walk around your car before you get in it. If there are small children on the lawn or walkway, make sure they are supervised by someone capable of restraining them or alerting you.
  • Kids think if they see you, you see them — A child in the blind zone does not know he’s in danger.
  • Teach your children never to play around a car — This goes for cars in the driveway and those parked at the curb.
  • Teach your children to keep their toys out of the driveway — Running to retrieve a toy that a car might back over is one cause of tragic accidents.
  • Have your passenger stand guard — If you are going somewhere with an older child or an adult, post them outside the car until you safely pass.
  • Use your ears — Roll down the window and keep the radio off as you leave so you can hear anyone call out a warning.
  • Take your time — Don’t be in a hurry to get out of or into your garage.

At The Giatras Law Firm, we have seen too many horrendous vehicle accidents, but those that claim the lives of children are certainly the most tragic. We urge you to take Braxton Conley’s story to heart and do everything you can to protect your children.

If you’ve been hurt in an auto accident in West Virginia, The Giatras Law Firm, PLLC is prepared to help you recover the full compensation you deserve. Call us for a free consultation, or contact our Charleston office online.