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Dedicated Lawyers Help People Harmed by Sex Abuse in Sports

Charleston attorneys represent West Virginia victims of coaches and trainers

Participation in sports offers many benefits, including physical fitness and the opportunity to learn the importance of hard work. Whether you’ve been involved in a team or individual activity, having the right coach is a critical element of success. Unfortunately, some people exploit the power imbalance in the player-coach relationship for their own sick gratification. At The Giatras Law Firm, PLLC in Charleston, we are attorneys for sex abuse victims in West Virginia sports. You can count on us for strong advice and advocacy if you or your child was preyed upon by a coach, athletic trainer or official.

How frequent is sex abuse in sports?

Some surveys have reported that approximately one in five elite athletes has been subjected to sexual contact with a coach or some other authority figure within their sport. This shocking number might even understate the problem. Widespread scandals involving USA Gymnastics and other sports organizations have shown that victims often remain quiet for years for fear of jeopardizing their chance at athletic glory. Of course, it is not just elite athletes who are victimized by predators. Sexual abuse happens at all levels of sports.

Who are the typical offenders in sports sex abuse cases?

Coaches, trainers, officials and others who hold positions of authority in youth sports might be there for the wrong reasons. Don’t be fooled by someone’s winning record or reputation within the sport. Sadly, people sometimes overlook questionable behavior by someone who has been associated with athletic success. We look beyond the record and whether a possible predator is well-liked to investigate whether grooming occurred and hold abusers liable for the damage they’ve done.

What factors can influence abuse in sports activities?

Many aspects of sports make it easier for abusive coaches, trainers and officials to target young victims. Many are told that the only road to success is to listen to your coach and do whatever they say. Physical activity typically requires on-site locker rooms, as well as treatment to prevent and heal injuries. Late practices and travel give adults the opportunity to isolate and groom the children under their care. Even the attire for many sports can attract the wrong type person. If something seems wrong to you, it is important to take swift action. Our firm can explain what to do if you suspect sex abuse in a sports program.

Consequences to a victim of abuse in sport

Along with the potential physical injuries associated with sexual abuse, victimized athletes could face a wide range of negative effects for years to come. Problems experienced by survivors include eating disorders, social withdrawal, substance abuse, sleeping disorders, loss of self-esteem and an inability to form healthy relationships. Also, there can be an emotional toll when something you love is associated with painful events.

Athlete sex abuse attorneys seek compensation for victims

Sexual abuse can be devastating for innocent athletes. Though nothing can completely undo the harm that was done, seeking justice through a civil lawsuit can help victims collect compensation for what they’ve endured while holding the wrongdoers accountable. At our firm, we are West Virginia attorneys for sex abuse victims who have a track record of securing substantial verdicts and payments for athletes and other. Our firm is committed to achieving a result that gives clients the ability to move forward.

Contact a West Virginia lawyer if a coach or trainer has committed sexual abuse

The Giatras Law Firm, PLLC in Charleston advocates on behalf of West Virginians who have been sexually abused by coaches, trainers and other adults associated with sports programs. For a free consultation with an experienced attorney about the potential legal relief available, please call 888-819-1281 or contact us online.