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West Virginia School Teacher Abuse Attorneys

Charleston firm seeks justice when educators prey on students

A child who goes to school should be able to focus on their lessons and extracurricular activities. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. The Giatras Law Firm, PLLC in Charleston litigates matters arising from improper behavior among educators. Our West Virginia school teacher abuse attorneys have achieved strong results in litigation against sexual predators and we can show you how recent changes to the state’s statute of limitations might enable you to initiate a lawsuit that was previously barred.

How common is it for school teachers to abuse children?

A survey of students in the 8th through 11th grades found that approximately 3.5 million children have been sexually abused by a teacher or some other school employee. Modern technology makes it easier for adults to target children without parents or other authorities taking notice. These cases are pervasive throughout the educational system. Unlawful sexual conduct occurs in all types of public and private schools. Regardless of how large or small your school might be, there is always a danger.

What are the most frequent forms of school teacher abuse?

School teachers often form an emotional bond with their student, which can make it more likely that lines will be crossed. In some cases, the adults in these relationships also have a physical advantage that can be intimidating to a youth who is being targeted. A student who is worried about their grades or college prospects might give in to a teacher’s advances so they can reach their educational goals. No matter what factors contribute to school sexual abuse, it is wrong and should be stopped immediately. Our West Virginia attorneys press defendants, including school districts, for compensation that properly addresses the victim’s physical and emotional harm.

Where does abuse usually happen in a school?

Most school activities occur within large groups, but predatory adults find ways to isolate potential victims. A teacher who requires a child to stay after school or brings them to an empty classroom for a special project could be cause for suspicion. Sexual abuse has also occurred in teachers’ cars or homes. If you believe that something is wrong, our attorneys are experienced in this area and can advise you on how to spot a sexual predator.

Who are the most likely targets of teacher abuse?

Students who are victimized by teachers do not fall into one category or group. However, teachers, guidance counselors and other adults who work within the educational system often have knowledge that helps them identify who is most vulnerable. Students with an unstable home life or difficulty in school might be looking for an adult who can help them. Youths who are struggling in other areas might also be less likely to report abusive behavior directed at them.

How to report abuse by a school teacher or official

When you suspect abuse by an educator or school employee, you should act immediately to contact school leadership and law enforcement. You should remember that the criminal justice process can be long and difficult, as prosecutors control the litigation. By contrast, our Charleston sex abuse attorneys can get to work immediately to pursue compensation from the abusive teacher and the other parties that bear responsibility for the misconduct.

Contact a West Virginia lawyer regarding a school teacher abuse allegation

The Giatras Law Firm, PLLC represents West Virginia residents who have been sexually abused by their teachers and other adult school employees. For a free, no-risk consultation where you can learn about your legal options, please call 888-819-1281 or contact us online. We are located in Charleston, two blocks from the riverfront.