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Frequently Asked Questions About West Virginia Sex Abuse Claims

The Giatras Law Firm, PLLC in Charleston is a West Virginia sex abuse law firm that is dedicated to maximizing payment for victims throughout the state. Our highly regarded attorneys will fight for justice on your behalf and answer any questions you might have about a potential claim, including:

Does sexual abuse always involving touching?

No. Some predators might abuse children or adults for sexual gratification in a way that does not involve physical touching. For example, an abuser could force a young victim to watch pornography or live sexual acts. Taking and sharing explicit photos or videos of children also constitutes sexual abuse.

Is sexual abuse a form of domestic violence?

Yes, a relationship partner, relative or roommate who makes unwanted sexual contact is committing a form of domestic violence. In addition to pursuing a claim for damages, you might also need to petition for a protective order to keep your attacker way from you.

What are the effects of sexual abuse? Does it cause PTSD?

The long-term effects of sexual abuse can be long-lasting and severe. One study said that 75 percent of victims experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the months after an attack. There are numerous other ways that unwanted sexual contact can affect someone, including the presence of eating disorders, relationship problems and addiction to drugs or alcohol.

What is sexual abuse in marriage?

Spouses who abuse their partners sexually can be held civilly and criminally liable. If you are considering taking legal action in response to sexual mistreatment from your husband or wife, you need to understand the difference between a claim for damages and petition for a protective order. You might want to consider a divorce prior to filing a sexual abuse lawsuit so that you collect payment from your former spouse’s assets rather than the marital estate.

Can you be sexually abused by someone you’re in a relationship with?

Even if you are in a relationship with someone, they can be held liable for the harm they cause while engaging in unwanted sexual contact. However, spotting a sex abuser can be complicated if there are emotional ties between you and your attacker. You can count on us to provide an honest perspective on your legal rights.

Is there a statute of limitations for sex abuse claims in West Virginia?

Thanks to a recent change in West Virginia law, victims of childhood sexual abuse now have until age 36 to file a lawsuit against their attacker. Our firm will take a detailed look at the facts in your case and determine whether legal relief is available, even if the act occurred some time ago.

Does sex abuse lead to narcissism?

Suffering a severe trauma when one is young can lead to narcissism. Sexual abuse is not only a traumatic event, but also one that can alter one’s self-esteem and body image. In some cases, symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder, such as anger, introversion and a lack of empathy can be attributed to the type of shame associated with sex abuse.

Can sex abuse victims collect financial compensation in West Virginia?

Yes. Our West Virginia sex abuse law firm has secured substantial compensation for plaintiffs in judgments and settlements. You or your child might be entitled to damages for the physical, mental and emotional harm suffered as a result of sexual misconduct.