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5 Safe Driving Tips for West Virginia’s Colder Seasons

The cold and wet is on the way here, and it’s about time to get ready for it.  By being prepared, you can save yourself from car accidents, getting stranded, and more.  Here are some tips to help you through the winter safely.

  1. Your car needs regular service, so get it done now. The worst situation is being stranded in 20 degree or below weather.  In West Virginia, Cell signal isn’t the most reliable for a lot of residents, so get your car in shape.
  2. Have an emergency roadside kit. Just in case you do have a break down, you should have a roadside kit with road flares, battery charger, first aid kit, and tire repair kit in your vehicle.  A roadside kit can make a huge difference in the event of a car accident.
  3. Make sure your windshield wipers are in good working condition. This is where a lot of drivers fall down, and they shouldn’t.  Windshield wipers are inexpensive to fix, easy to install, and make a world of difference to drivers.  Most people know how annoying windshield wiper blades can be when they aren’t doing their job correctly, so try to avoid that scenario!
  4. If you have a bad habit of driving in the snow, make sure you have good tires. Tread depth is vitally important when driving in the snow, so you may want to invest in some snow tires.  Have them put on the last week of October, and don’t take them off until the first week of April.  Snow tires make driving in the snow much safer and easier.
  5. When driving in snow, do everything SLOWLY. Pull in slowly, pull out slowly, stop slowly, speed up slowly, and if you haven’t figured it out yet – Drive slowly.  Even with all the safety measures you can take, there are still unpredictable conditions every year, so please take it slow.  Give yourself enough time to get to your destination, and be courteous to drivers that may not be great in the snow.  Staying safe and avoiding a car accident is the main goal here.
  6. BONUS: Don’t text and drive.  You shouldn’t be looking at your cell anytime while behind the wheel, but especially not in poor driving conditions.


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