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Criminal Law
  • What is a Misdemeanor in West Virginia?
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      Firm Name: The Giatras Law Firm, PLLC
      Duration: 01:32
      Date: 2020-09-29
      A misdemeanor crime is typically more serious than a civil infraction and less serious than a felony. When convicted of a misdemeanor crime in West Virginia, you can expect a range of penalties such as: ⦁ Fines ⦁ Probation ⦁ Community Service ⦁ Restitution ⦁ Jail Time (In County Jail) Some common examples of misdemeanors in West Virginia include: ⦁ Simple assault ⦁ Shoplifting ⦁ Vandalism ⦁ Trespassing ⦁ Public intoxication When charged with a misdemeanor crime, the consequences can be long lasting. The Charleston criminal defense attorneys at The Giatras Law Firm, PLLC are often successful at reducing or eliminating charges against you.
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