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Author Archives: Troy N. Giatras

Study Shows Brain Injury Recovery Slowed by Common Drugs

A recent study shows that a common drug used to treat conditions such as bladder problems, depression, and insomnia may hinder recovery from brain injuries.  The study was done at the University of East Anglia in the UK, and researchers suggest older individuals currently taking anticholinergic medication experience slower recovery than normal. Head injuries can… Read More »

Dealing with a DUI: 10 Things You Need to Know

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI, chances are you’ll have to appear before a judge for your arraignment.  The arraignment is where you enter your plea (guilty or not guilty), and you’re formally charged with the crime.  What you need to know is:  You don’t have to plea guilty or not without a plea… Read More »

White Collar Crimes – Things You Should Consider When Under Investigation

The term “White Collar Crime” can describe a wide variety of crimes including different types of fraud, embezzlement, tax evasion, and money laundering.   Even Identity Theft is considered a white-collar crime.  That’s because a white-collar crime is typically crime committed though some form of deceit motivated by financial gain. Do you realize that when the… Read More »

How to Choose the Right Lawyer for Your Needs

It’s not very often in our lives that we need legal representation, but when the time comes it’s imperative that the chosen attorney is the right one for the job.   There are a few factors to consider when deciding on legal representation. How to find a Lawyer The most common way to find a lawyer… Read More »

10 Things You Need to do When in a Car Wreck

Car accidents are an undesirable topic, and an even more undesirable event in our lives. However, over 40,000 Americans are killed every year in a car accident, and millions are injured as a result of a wreck (US Department of Transportation, 2012). In West Virginia, we face the 4th highest risk for car accident fatality…. Read More »

What You Do Immediately After A Car Accident Matters

No one plans to get into an automobile accident. If the unexpected happens, you need to stay calm and collected and take certain steps to protect your rights. What you say and do right after the accident can affect your ability to receive all the compensation to which you are entitled, even if you are… Read More »