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Wrong-Way Driving Causes Deadliest Highway Crashes

A crash on I-77 in West Virginia last March that took the lives of two women and two young girls was an apparent example of the most dangerous accident scenario of all: wrong-way highway driving under the influence. These circumstances are rare, but when they occur, the result is often a deadly head-on collision between… Read More »

What Are Miranda Rights, and When Should They Be Read?

Anyone who has watched a TV crime drama has seen an officer deliver a warning to a suspect at the point of arrest that begins, “You have the right to remain silent,” and goes on to spell out other rights the suspect has. But why do police recite this warning? And at what point is… Read More »

Is a Tough Cellphone Law Behind WV’s Declining Collision Rate?

In 2013, West Virginia passed a tough distracted driver law that made it a primary offense for any driver to use a handheld cellphone or to engage in texting while driving. The law also made it a primary offense for novice drivers to use any kind of a cellphone. Fines were set at $100 for… Read More »

Questions to Ask Your Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you need a lawyer to defend you against criminal charges, you cannot afford to make the wrong choice. You must do your research on the person you’re considering to represent you. If you wouldn’t hire just anybody to remodel your house or work on your car, you certainly shouldn’t hire just anyone to protect… Read More »

Bicycle Safety and West Virginia’s “Share the Road” Policy

The state of West Virginia is absolutely one of the most beautiful places in the world.  As a result, there are people who enjoy mountain biking that come to tour our state.  Nationally, more than 12 pedestrian riders are killed in vehicle accidents, usually at the fault of the motorist. In West Virginia, Drivers are… Read More »

5 Safe Driving Tips for West Virginia’s Colder Seasons

The cold and wet is on the way here, and it’s about time to get ready for it.  By being prepared, you can save yourself from car accidents, getting stranded, and more.  Here are some tips to help you through the winter safely. Your car needs regular service, so get it done now. The worst… Read More »

Study Shows Brain Injury Recovery Slowed by Common Drugs

A recent study shows that a common drug used to treat conditions such as bladder problems, depression, and insomnia may hinder recovery from brain injuries.  The study was done at the University of East Anglia in the UK, and researchers suggest older individuals currently taking anticholinergic medication experience slower recovery than normal. Head injuries can… Read More »

Dealing with a DUI: 10 Things You Need to Know

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI, chances are you’ll have to appear before a judge for your arraignment.  The arraignment is where you enter your plea (guilty or not guilty), and you’re formally charged with the crime.  What you need to know is:  You don’t have to plea guilty or not without a plea… Read More »

White Collar Crimes – Things You Should Consider When Under Investigation

The term “White Collar Crime” can describe a wide variety of crimes including different types of fraud, embezzlement, tax evasion, and money laundering.   Even Identity Theft is considered a white-collar crime.  That’s because a white-collar crime is typically crime committed though some form of deceit motivated by financial gain. Do you realize that when the… Read More »

How to Choose the Right Lawyer for Your Needs

It’s not very often in our lives that we need legal representation, but when the time comes it’s imperative that the chosen attorney is the right one for the job.   There are a few factors to consider when deciding on legal representation. How to find a Lawyer The most common way to find a lawyer… Read More »